Moon Shots:
Reflections on a Baseball Life

Watch the video above to see highlights of Wally's visit to the St. Louis Cardinals' 2011 Winter Warm-Up fan festival.

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From his childhood in tiny Bay, Arkansas, to an All-Star career as both a St. Louis Cardinal and Los Angeles Dodger, Wally Moon has lived a storied baseball life. He tells that story in the new book Moon Shots: Reflections on a Baseball Life now exclusively available in at the Moon Shop at

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An Excerpt from the Book


Advanced Praise for Moon Shots
How far would you go to live your dreams? Most of us wouldn't have had the courage to make the journey Wally Moon did in his remarkable baseball life. If you're a baseball fan, you'll want to read this book. If you're not a fan, you'll still find the book a compelling tale of dedication, perseverance and the way things used to be...and perhaps should be again.

Steve Lamb
Sports Director
WBAP Radio
Fort Worth, Texas

I've had the privilege of knowing Wally Moon for a number of years
. Moon Shots is filled with interesting and amusing anecdotes from the field of play and reflects on the character and integrity which has made Wally one of the game's true gentlemen.

Tal Smith
Houston Astros

This book affords a wonderful view into the life and career of Wally Moon, who instantly became one of the most beloved figures in Dodger history. A religious man, Moon put his family and faith first and left everything else to fall into place.

Peter O'Malley
Former President
Los Angeles Dodgers

I have read many, many baseball books over the years, and I readily lower my standards simply because I love to read about baseball. The material in Moon Shots is far superior to most of the biographies out there. Many of the passages are just outstanding.

Dan Jaco
Life-Long Wally Moon Fan
Albuquerque, New Mexico