Wally´s Reflections
Wally Moon was one of the baseball standouts of his generation, not only because of his talents on the field, but also because of his academic accomplishments off the diamond, as well.

Holding both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Texas A&M University, Moon was in rarified academic air when compared to almost all of his counterparts, big league players and managers, alike.

In fact, Moon almost gave up his playing career to become a coach, and when he did retire as a player, he devoted much of the next 30 years to instruction, molding young men in both body and spirit.

It is with this two-fold background that Wally Moon possesses a unique perspective on issues in the game of baseball and the game of life. In this section, you’ll find video clips of Moon responding to a variety of topics. You’ll want to check back here frequently for more of Wally’s Reflections.

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Life in the Off Season, Circa 1950's
Baseball's Golden Era
About Those "Moonshots"
The Incomparable Albert Pujols
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